Thursday, July 5, 2012

Florida Fun!

A few weeks ago hubs, sweet pea, my parents and I traveled to Destin, FL for a week of vacation fun.  My aunt and uncle own a condo down there, so it is kind of like a home away from home.  We have been there several times, but this was sweet pea's first visit to the beach.  I was a little worried about the drive down, but she did great, and was such a trooper.  I have to say though that without the portable DVD player and lots of Dora and Diego movies, I'm not sure it would have been as enjoyable.  The weather was perfect while we were there, but the waves were a little rough and there was a no swimming flag the first 2 days we were there.  Not a big deal for us because we just got in the pool once we got back from the beach.  

Sweet pea loved the beach and playing in the sand, but she was not a fan of the ocean and had no intentions of getting in.  I was perfectly fine with that because it made our time there a little less never racking!  I won't talk your ear off with a play by play of how our week went, but I did want to share a few pictures that I took.  Hope you enjoy!

We had a great time, and I hope we get to go back sometime in the future.  It is going to be a scorcher here in Louisville today, with the temp getting to 102 degrees, so sweet pea and I are camping out inside.  It's definitely a perfect day to catch up on all my favorite blogs.  Hope you all have a fabulous day!!

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