Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up

These past 2 weeks have flown by and I can't believe that another Christmas has come and gone. There is always so much preparation and excitment leading up to the big day and then it's just over in a flash! To be honest I am kinda relieved and sad at the same time that it is over. Sad because I love spending so much time with my family and relieved because now my house is back in order and I can finally RELAX, which I have been doing a lot of since I am suffering from a severe head cold and bronchitis this week. (No bueno!)

Instead of sharing a bunch of individual posts I thought I would just give you one big run down of how my Christmas week played out.

Monday I got together with my best girlfriends for our Annual Christmas Poker Party where we drink a little wine, have some snacks, and play a fun silly little game of poker. It's funny because everyone is always so afraid to bet very much so the game always goes on forever and then eventually we all get bored and just cash in the chips we have left and call it a night. We are definitely NOT professionals!! It's just fun to get out of the house and have a little mommy time with some of my favorite people.

Wednesday Sweet pea and I went over to my mom's house where we had a cookie making party. We made 5 different kinds of cookies that day. Needless to say mom and I were pretty pooped when it was all said and done. I don't know how there are people out there that make like 20 different kinds of cookies every year. They must spread it out over a couple of days or something. Sweet pea had fun playing with the sugar cookie dough that we gave her, and I think she may have even snuck a few tastes in.

The highlight of the day though was watching her ice the cookie and then eat it. She was just picking it up and licking the icing off. It was too funny! She has unfortunately inherited her momma's sweet tooth. Whoops!

Friday sweet pea and I went to church with my mom and dad for the Christmas Eve Eve service. It was a really pretty service and I finally got to see the new sanctuary that the church built. Sweet pea was not amused at being dropped off at the children's center because when we got back to pick her up she was crying and they said she had been on and off during the entire service. I was glad that they didn't page me and I was able to enjoy myself.

Sweet pea with her Nana

I just love this little coat that my cousin gave us and I tried to get a decent picture of her in it, but she wasn't having it, so this will have to do.

Christmas Eve we went to my aunts house (my mom's sister) and my mom's whole side of the family came over for lunch. My aunt made 3 different kinds of soups and then we had a bunch of desserts. Sweet pea of course was showered with gifts which was so nice of everyone. She is blessed to have so many people in her life that love her so much! It was nice to see everyone because this was technically not the year that we have Christmas with them. (We switch years with my mom and dad's family)

We then went over to my mom and dad's and opened presents with them and my sister, her husband and nephew. Sweet pea again got way too much stuff, but was so excited about her baby doll that aunt Sarah got her. She immediately wanted to take it out of the package and then proceeded to use the box as a bed for the baby. It was hilarious! I got some Best Buy giftcards which I am super pumped about, because I am saving up to buy a new digital camera. Hopefully I will have enough to get it very soon. By the time we got to my sister in laws house on Christmas Eve we were all worn out so we went to bed so that Santa could come and visit.

LOVE my little family :)

Christmas morning we all woke up together and opened presents at my sister in laws. It was ridiculuos how many presents there were. We were some very blessed people that day, and everyone received some really nice things. Sweet pea loves the stroller that Santa brought and pushes everything around in it. This was also the year of books for her and she got some really nice ones to add to her bookshelf at home. I think we had almost read every single book in her room, so it was nice that she got some new ones.

My sister in law got her this Little People princess castle and she loves it. We left it at her house so she can play with it when she is over there. I just love this picture for some reason.

This is the aftermath of what my house looked like once we got home and took everything out of their boxes. I am still trying to find places for things.

Christmas seems to always get me in the organizing mood, so I think my New Year's Resolution will be to get my house more organized and keep it that way. I got a sewing machine from my hubby and I am super excited to start using it, so I forsee a lot of projects in 2012.

Well the Oklahoma game just started so I think I am gonna jump off here and watch a little bit with my hubby before I head to bed. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Years Eve, and I will see ya'll in 2012!!

Monday, December 26, 2011


Edition #6 of Mmm Mmm Mondays will be postponed until next week, as I am fighting off acute bronchitis. Plus do to the holidays I don't actually have a recipe to share.

Hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas, and I hope to see you sometime soon!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Mmm Mmm Mondays #5

I can't believe that Christmas is almost here. You wait and wait all year for it to get here and then BAM! it's over in a flash. I have been so busy trying to get the rest of my shopping and wrapping done that I haven't given myself any time to just enjoy the Holiday. I vow to have my shopping done by December 1st next year, so that I can take the time to really enjoy the spirit and activities of Christmas.

I know I promised a delicious Holiday party treat this post, but unfortuantely life happens and so I don't have one for you today. I do have another very delicious recipe to share however, and it is actually not from pinterest, but from my very own kitchen. Hubby loves Mexican food so I decided to try some slow cooker pork tacos. Here is how to make them.

Crockpot Shredded Pork Tacos

You will need:
2 lb pork roast
1 tsp kosher salt
1 tsp black pepper
1 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp minced garlic
1 red onion
1 cup water
1 pkg tortillas

(All ingrediants are not pictured)

Sesaon the pork with all 3 spices and garlic, and place in crock pot. Pour 1 cup water over your meat. Cover and cook on low for about 6 hours. (May take longer depending on the size of your meat)

About 15 mintues before your meat is done, chop some red onion and sautee in a skillet with some olive oil until tender.

Once your meat is done take it out if the crock pot and place on a cutting board. Shred the whole roast and place in a bowl. (You can also leave it on the cutting board if you are going to eat it right away)

Heat your tortillas in the microwave for about 15 seconds. We used flour tortillas, but you can use corn if you prefer the taste. Place a scoop of pork into your tortilla and then top with some of the red onion. Then you can add whatever else you like in your taco. We added cheese and sour cream, and hubby even added a little hot sauce to his. (I told you he likes his food spicy!)

I am not a big onion person so I opted for just the cheese and sour cream. I also made us a little Spanish rice to go with our tacos.

This dish is really simple and if your looking for something different for dinner tonight, I would highly recommend this. If your looking to add a little more flavor to the pork, you could add some peppers in adobo sauce found in the latin aisle of the supermarket. I think I am going to try adding those next time I make this dish.

Hubby's rating:4

I am not sure I will be posting anymore before Christmas, so I hope everyone has a Wonderful Holiday filled with lots of family, love and laughter.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Snowman Wreath Tutorial

I am totally on a roll with 3 posts in one day. One reason I am doing this is because I know that next week is going to be so hectic. I still have to finish my Christmas shopping, we have family coming into town and I of course have to get together with my girls for our Annual Christmas poker party. (yes you read that right, and no I am not good at poker!)

Anyway, last year for Christmas my mother in law gave me the Southern Living Cookbook that is sold at Dillard's every year. I honestly didn't look at it much and then just added it to the shelf with the others. This year however I decided to pull it out and boy am I glad I did. It has so many wonderful recipes inside as well as holiday entertaining ideas and much, much more. I suggest if you don't have one already you go out and buy one this year!

As I was flipping through the pages I came across the picture below. I thought it was the cutest idea ever and thought of my mom right away. She is a collector of snowmen and this was the prefect one to add to her collection. Mom's birthday is December 4th so I knew I had to make her one of these.

Since she doesn't have a wall at her house like the one in the picture, I decided to make a smaller version so she could hang it on her door. I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased 3 wreaths in different sizes, some ribbon and a piece of black felt for the hat. (I purchased the felt that is sorta stiff already so it would hold up better.

I used twine to tie the wreaths together in a snowman shape. I would have rather used floral wire so you wouldn't see the attachment as much, but I didn't have any at the time.

I then cut a hat shape out of the felt and attached it to the wreath with a hot glue gun. I cut a piece of ribbon long enough to tie around the snowman's neck to look like the scarf in the picture above.

And there you have it, your very own snowman wreath. It was so simple to make and literally took me like 10 minutes to put together. I hung him on my door to see what he looked like, but since then he has moved to his new home. My mom has actually added some sprigs of pine and berries to him and it looks really cute. I will try to take a picture next time I am over there so you can see.

I had planned on making myself one as well, but not sure I will get around to it this year, but we shall see. Hope you all have a wonderful evening. Until next time, BYE!

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O' Christmas Tree, O' Christmas Tree.....

We finally put our tree up last Friday, which was the latest we have ever put one up. We have had a lot going on this month it seems and have not gotten ourselves quite into the Christmas spirit this year. Better late than never though. I decided to take some pics today of the tree since it is kinda dark outside and I knew the lights would show up a little better in the pics.

Here is the tree with the living room lights on. If the tree looks like it's leaning than your eyes are not deceiving you. We had a minor accident the first night we put the tree up. The next morning we found it on the ground, but all ornaments were intact which was good. Only problem was we have carpet in our living room and water got spilled all over from the tree stand so the carpet was wet for a few days. Hubby leaned it towards the wall when he picked it up in case it decided to fall again. We think the trunk is too skinny for our tree stand and that's why it fell over.

I made a book page garland for the tree this year, and I absolutely LOVE it!! We have sort of a candy/gingerbread theme on our tree, so we have a lot of candy cane and gingerbread ornaments.

This ornament was given to us by my parents the first Christmas hubby and I were married.

I decided to start the tradition of giving sweet pea an ornament every year, so when she gets older and has a tree of her own she will have some sweet memories to add to it. This is the one I gave her last year for her first Christmas.

We of course have to add OU to the tree since hubby and his family are die hard Sooners fans. I think we have at least 4 OU ornaments on the tree but this is my favorite out of the bunch.

This is one of the few that hubby made when he was little. His mom gave them to us a few years ago and I love adding then to the tree!

M.A. Hadley Pottery is made right here in Louisville, so when I found a couple of ornaments at a local Peddlers Mall for only $3 a piece I snatched them right up. I love horses and since I live in Kentucky (and Louisville) it is very fitting. I bought a pig as well.

Here is where I am displaying my cards this year. I better get some more clothes pins because I am about to run out. I love getting cards in the mail!

Another view of the tree.

I found this tree skirt at Hobby Lobby and got it monogrammed at a local shop last year. It reminds me of one I have seen in Pottery Barn, and was about a 1/4 of the cost.

This cutie was given to me by my sweet sister in law a couple years ago. She found it at a craft fair. I love things made from vintage chenille.

Here is some of the other decor in my home all lit up.

Sweet pea's tree. Hope you have a great day!

Christmas In The House

I have finally gotten the house the way I want it and it is already almost time to take it all down. Oh well, at least I get to enjoy it for a little bit. I thought I would give you a little Christmas tour today. I won't talk your ear off today since there are so many pictures. We will start in the dining room.

Dining Room

This is the entrance to the dining room. Since we don't have a fireplace or mantel this is where I like to display our stockings.

When my dad was little he had a nanny named Claire. She was from England and was the sweetest lady you ever met. When my cousins and I were little she used to knit us all kinds of sweaters and things and one year she made us all stockings. I used it every year when I was little and my mom finally decided to give them to us last year. It is probably my favorite Christmas item of all.

Living Room

I made this pillow cover out of drop cloth material. It was a no sew project made with sewing glue and then I free handed the words with craft paint. I stuck the bow on with some sticky tape.

Last years' Santa pic. She did much better than she did this year.

I borrowed this snow village from my mom. It is the one she used to put up every year when we were little.

We gave her this house one year for her birthday and she painted it all by herself.

The bakery was also a gift her from my uncle (her brother), and he painted his as well. He is very artistic.

Sweet pea's Room

Last years Christmas picture.

The big bear was purchased at PB Kids this year and half of the proceeds from his purchase goes towards St. Jude's Hospital. I also bought one for my new nephew. I urge everyone to support this organization if you can.

The ornaments on her tree are actually a Nativity seen that my mom gave her last year. She bought it at church and it was hand crafted somewhere overseas. An organization was selling them as some sort of an exchange project. I can't remember the name of the organization right now.

I purchased this advent calendar in the dollar spot at Target this year. Every morning sweet pea and I move the candy cane to that days pouch. She loves it!

Master Bedroom

Didn't do much in here, just added a tree from Hob Lob and a few pine cones from the tree out front.


Tied some cookie cutters and candy canes to my trusty grapevine and made a baking themed wreath. Thought it seemed fitting for the kitchen.

Attached a teaspoon to the bow.

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas tour. I better go try and get some presents wrapped while sweet pea is napping. Until next time, BYE!