Saturday, April 23, 2011

Queen of the Klutz's!

Well my Easter weekend has not started out the way I had hoped. As I was getting ready for an Easter egg hunt at work this morning, I slipped and fell in the kitchen and landed on my arm, Ouch!! At first I thought I was OK, but then when I couldn't turn my wrist without a shooting pain going down my arm, I knew something wasn't right.

Hubby took me promptly to the emergency room to get some x-rays. I was really hoping for just a sprain, but lo and behold the "Queen of the Klutz's" has struck again, and I was told that I have a neck fracture to my forearm. Boo :( The ER doctor wrapped my arm up gave me some pain pills and sent me on my way.

Monday I have to make an appointment with an Orthopedic doctor to make sure I won't have to have any surgery. Fingers crossed everything checks out well and I will be back to normal in no time. The one thing that makes me sad is that I can't hold my little sweet pea for a while, and that will be hard on me because I love to snuggle with her. I did get my Arhaus and Pottery Barn catalogs in the mail today, so that lifted my spirits a little. Hopefully seeing my sweet pea's smiling face as she opens her Easter basket tomorrow will be all the medicine I need.
Until then, Happy Easter!!

my poor arm :(

Sad Face

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This past weekend my good friend Hannah took pictures of my little sweet pea and my two sweet nephews, for a little project that myself and my sister in law are working on. We were originally going to take the photos at a local historical spot called Locust Grove (where hubby and I got married), but then when I found out they were having some war encampment going on, we quickly had to think of another picturesque spot. I suggested the park that surrounds the Papa John's headquarters building, so that is where we ended up.

The day was beautiful and the park gave way to some really awesome backdrops. Sweet pea decided that she didn't really want to cooperate there, so we ended up having to take some shots once we got home, which was fine because my flowers are so pretty right now! My nephews shots however ended up AWESOME, and it breaks my heart to see how big they are getting.

Here is a little sneek peek from our day........

She is my whole world!

Me and my little sweet pea.

Leah and my two sweet nephews.

My little Easter Bunny!

Could she get any cuter??

Happy Easter 2011

I can't believe Easter is in a couple of days, and April is almost over! I am so excited to see how sweet pea reacts to her very first Easter basket. I will definitely keep you posted. Until next time, Happy Easter!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's A Birthday!!

Today is my hubby's actual birthday, but we celebrated with family and friends this weekend. The weather on Sunday was fabulous, and basically felt like summer. I think the temp got up to 88 degrees, which is pretty warm for the springtime in Kentucky! This gave us the chance to be able to grill out (which is one of my favorite things to do in spring/summer), and to play games outside.

On the menu for the day was pulled pork sandwiches, potato salad, coleslaw, fruit salad, and of course dessert, which consisted of cheesecake and cherry pie. Even though we were celebrating his birthday, hubby decided to make his own pulled pork and sauce and they both turned out wonderful! The smell of the pork cooking on the grill was so delightful and made me so hungry.

After we ate we played a little croquet, and the best part was hubby got beat by his GRANDMA!!! (Sorry babe, I had to tell everyone) Oh well, you win some, you lose some. We then got to enjoy the delicious cheesecake and cherry pie after hubby opened his presents. He got some money, a Home Depot gift card, and an American flag for the house.

Later that night, Mawmaw so graciously watched the children, so we could all go play Bingo. Like I said in my earlier post, this is a regular occurrence when grandma is in town. Unfortunately nobody won any money, but we still had a lot of fun. You see some interesting folks at the Bingo hall!!!

Sweet pea and I plan to take daddy to Chuy's tonight for dinner,and then who knows where the night will take us. (If I had to take a guess, probably right back home, where we spend most nights!) Hope you enjoy the pictures from our exciting day. Until next time, BYE!

yummy pork!

Delicious sauce

Sweet Pea enjoying daddy's party

Yeah for Home Depot!

Putting the new flag on the house

We LOVE cheesecake

Happy Birthday Babe!!

A Little Snack

So the other night myself, hubby, his sister and grandma all went to play bingo. This is a regular occurrence whenever grandma visits, and it is always so much fun! Anywho, hubby and I decided to get popcorn for a little snack, because who can resist getting a little junk food while playing bingo.

To make a long story short, we took a couple bites and YUCK, the popcorn was stale! Hubby stopped eating it pretty much right away, but me being the weirdo person that I am, I kept eating. Once I came to my senses, I decided to leave it alone and bring it home for the birds. Of course I got made fun of for this, but I didn't care, if we couldn't enjoy it, someone was going to.
So when we got home, I sprinkled it in the backyard, and when I woke up the next morning this is what I found.

Oh well, maybe the birds didn't get to enjoy it, but at least somebody did!!! :)