Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Countdown Continues

Well due to some sickness in our household this post is a few days late, but everyone is on the ups at the moment so I hope we are 100% better by the weekend.  Last week our countdown to Halloween continued with a bang, so here it goes.

October 8: Pumpkin Patch
On Monday myself, sweet pea, mom, sister and nephew all traveled to the local pumpkin patch.  It's actually in Indiana, but is only 30 mins. from Louisville so it's super easy to get to.  We have been traveling to Huber's Farm since I was a child so it's fun for sister and I to finally get to take our own children.  They had a blast and were very tired once we got home!

October 9: Make Costume
This year I decided to make sweet peas costume, so I enlisted the help of my mother in law who is a superb seamstress.  I am hoping to learn everything she knows one day, but it may take a loooong time!  Thanks Belinda for all your help!!

October 10: this was the night of my monthly get together with my girl friends, so nothing on the list got accomplished.

October 11: Play Outside
Hubby is trying a new workout regimen, and got this old tractor tire to flip around in the backyard.  My sister in law and nephew came over this day, so of course the kids wanted to take a turn flipping the tire.  Sweet pea sure is strong!! :)

October 12: Trick of Treat at the ZOO
My MIL and I got the costume finished, so here is little sweet pea all decked out as Strawberry Shortcake.  The Zoo here in town hosts the world's largest Halloween party, so mother, sister and I took the kids to trick or treat.  They were both under the weather with ear infections but were troopers anyways and had lots of fun.  Sweet pea even trick or treated without help from mommy which made me so proud :)

October 13: OU vs TX Football Game
Saturday was the big rivalry football game between the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns.  We had hubby's family over for some homemade corn dogs (since the game is held during the TX State Fair) and OU pulled out a big win, which made my hubby one happy man!

October 14: Spooky Supper
Sunday we had a spooky supper that consisted of mummy dogs, blueberry eyeballs, and mac n cheese. It was delish and literally gone in like 10 minutes!

Watch a Halloween Show
Since we skipped an activity on Wednesday we decided to do two on Sunday.  We were being lazy this night since we were under the weather so we decided to opt out of the princess tea party and watched the Halloween episode of our favorite show Doc McStuffins instead.  It was really cute and nice to get some snuggle time in before bed.

I"ll be back next week with a wrap up of what's been happening this week, so stay tuned, Goodbye!

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  1. I love a trip to the pumpkin patch! This reminds me of when my children were younger. Enjoy these days because they will be grown before you know it!