Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Countdown Fun!

I've been a big slacker at getting this post up, but I had been dealing with A LOT of sinus issues the past couple weeks and I am just now feeling like my old self again.  I have also not done as well with the list the past 2 weeks, but we still managed to do some fun things.  I also improvised a couple days, so we aren't actually going to finish the entire 31 days but we gave it a good try!  The BIG day is tomorrow, but it will require a whole post in itself.  Here is what we have accomplished the past 2 weeks.

October 15: Auntie's Birthday
We celebrated my sis-in-laws (aka Auntie Leah) birthday at our favorite local Mexican restaurant and then followed it up with ice cream cake at her house.  It was delish!

October 16: Nothing

October 17: Class Treat
Sweet pea and I put together these cute little treat bags for the kids in her mother's day out class for their Halloween party.

October 18: Rice Krispie Treats
Instead of making cookies, I decided to make rice krispie treats instead.  I found some cute little Halloween sprinkles in the dollar section at Target that sweet pea helped me add to the treats.  I can't remember the last time I made these, but they were very yummy!

October 19&20: Nada

October 21: Donuts
When I woke up this particular Sunday morning hubby and sweet pea surprised me with yummy donuts from Krispy Kreme.  I am pretty sure I ate like 3 that day, but they were just so darn delicious!  Hubby got sweet pea her special sprinkle donut which was all decked out for Halloween.

October 22: Happy Meal/Pajama Day
They are giving out special Scooby Doo Happy Meal buckets the month of October at Mickey D's, so sweet pea and I stopped in for some lunch this day.  We also deemed this day as pajama day and wore our comfy wear all day. (And yes we even wore them to McDonald's, but we went through the drive-thru)

October 23-28: I pretty much slacked off the rest of last week, but am trying to make up for it this week.

October 29: Paint Pumpkins
We have had these fake pumpkins laying around that my mom gave sweet pea, and since the weather here yesterday was pretty cold and windy, I thought a project was in order.  I had some paints leftover from a previous project so I gave them to sweets and let her go to town.  It kept her occupied for quite some time, but I had to eventually step in once she started mixing all the colors together to make a lovely shade of grey.  The finished projects are interesting to say the least, but I know she is proud of them and that makes me proud!

October 30: School Spirit Day/Class Party
Today was the Halloween party at sweet pea's school and she received quite a bit of loot, that she says she is going to share with her daddy, but we shall see.  It was also school spirit day so she got to wear her school t-shirt and everyone in the school got pizza, yum!  Since my mom works at the school she also had her spirit duds on, so I had to get a picture of the two of them together. (Yes, that is candy corn in my child's mouth!)

We also carved our pumpkin tonight.  I thought sweet pea would be interested in helping her daddy, but instead she just kept saying "that's grossy" and didn't want to have much to do with it.

She decided she wanted a spooky pumpkin, so this is what I came up with.  I know it's generic but oh well it's spooky enough for a 2 year old.

Tomorrow is the big day so I will have plenty more pictures to share.  Sweet pea is super excited to go Trick or Treating with her cousins, and can't wait until tomorrow night.  Are you ready for the big night??
Until next time, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!

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