Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Kick-Off

Last Sunday sweet pea and I kicked off the Christmas season with a tree lighting celebration in my parents neighborhood.  It was the first year for the event, but they ended up having a pretty decent turn out.  It was freezing that night so we made sure to bundle up, and were very glad that they were serving hot apple cider.  Sweet pea seemed to enjoy it and all the homemade cookies!

Before they lit the tree we all sang Christmas carols led by a local church choir.  Sweet pea clapped at the end of each song and even danced a little.

Once the carols were over we counted down from 10 and then they lit up the big tree.  Sweets kept reliving the moment in the car the whole way home, it was real cute!  I tried to get a good picture of my parents with her, but she was too distracted to look at the camera.  Oh well, what can you expect from a 2 year old!

The tree looks beautiful and we have since driven by it a few times.  Whenever we are in the car at night and she spots Christmas lights she says, "Look it's Christmas time"!  It makes me smile, and I am looking forward to taking her for a drive to look at lights once it gets a little closer to Christmas.

We also kicked off a few new Christmas traditions as well today, but I will be back another time to tell you about those.  Well, my favorite Christmas movie "Elf" is on, so I am gonna say goodnight for now, but I will see ya next time, BYE!

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