Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

Even though the new year has already begun I thought I would go ahead and squeeze this post in anyway.  My family is under the weather so we are all stuck in the house today.  Hubby has the flu and sweet pea is trying to fight some kind of bug off, me on the other hand am feeling fine, but just very sleepy since sweet pea refused to sleep at all last night.  Anywhoo, just wanted to give a little recap of our Christmas this year.

A few days before Christmas, mom, myself, my sister and the kids all had a day of baking fun.  We made about 5 different kinds and they were all delicious.  However I think we were all exhausted by the time it was all said and done!

My father in law came in town this year for Christmas so we celebrated with him and hubby's siblings on the Sunday before Christmas.  Sweet pea got Cinderella on DVD and the Cinderella and Prince Charming Little People from her paw paw and the outfit and accessories from hubs aunt and grandparents.  She loves dressing up like a princess!

After opening presents paw paw got to have a sweet moment with his grand kids while he read them a couple stories.  I think each one loved every minute of it.  We were very glad that we got to spend a few days with paw paw but miss him very much.  Guess we are just gonna have to make a trip to Florida!

Christmas Eve was spent with hubs side of the family at my sister in laws house.  I snapped this picture of sweet pea before we left our house.  My mother in law made her that jumper and it looks so cute on her!

 Sweet pea got so many things I think she was way overwhelmed.  The playroom has since been organized to accommodate all her new things.

When we got home we put some cookies and milk out for Santa which she loved doing.  The first thing she checked when she got up in the morning was to see if Santa drank his milk and ate the cookies, it was too cute!

Christmas morning we had a quiet time with just the 3 of us and sweet pea opened all her Santa presents.  She got a pink bike and helmet like she requested and also a DR. kit and the Elefun game.

Since we don't have a fireplace this was as close as we could get, cozy huh?!

After breakfast we lounged around a bit and let sweet pea play with her new things, then we headed to my parents house for Christmas lunch and more present action.  We dined on a delicious honey baked ham and all the fixins, and after we were all stuffed to the brim we opened presents.  Sweet pea once again raked it in and loved every minute of it.  Hubs and I fared pretty well too.  He got some OU stuff, gifts cards and money and I got my Kindle Fire, woohoo!

Sweet pea has loved playing with all her new toys and I am very grateful for that because I am still trying to get this house back in order after the holidays.

I hope everyone out there had a very Merry Christmas as well, and I wish everyone a blessed New Year. Happy 2013!

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