Monday, January 14, 2013

Snow Day!

I have been pretty behind on my posts since the holidays, but I am hoping to play catch up this month and then get back to a regular schedule by February (fingers crossed!).  I wanted to share these sweet pics of my little sweet pea and her Nana playing in the snow that we received a few days after Christmas.  Hope you enjoy!

She loved making snow angels and wanted me to take a picture of one of them!

We haven't received any more snow since this day, and this past weekend it got up to 70 degrees, weird!  I don't think I can deal with this up and down weather again this winter, I just want it to stay cold for a while to get rid of all the nasty germs that are causing everyone to be so sick!  Hopefully we will have some more of that white stuff so sweet pea will be able to wear her snow clothes for more than one day this winter.

Well I am gonna jump off here and try to get some reading done while sweets is taking a nap.  I got a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas from my parents, and I absolutely love it!  Until next time, see ya guys later!!

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