Monday, September 19, 2011

Gallery Wall

I have a really weird wall in my living room that the couch is on that I have never known what to do with since we moved in. Instead of there being one window on either side of the wall so that the couch could be in the center, there are 2 windows side by side at the end of one side of the wall, which makes for ALOT of wall space at the other end. No matter what I have try there nothing has really looked right. I am a very symmetrical person and I hate that I can't have something centered right above the couch. The wall had been bare for a while because I kept racking my brain and searching all over blog land for some inspiration. Until one day our print it on canvas arrived in the mail, that my father in law had given to sweet pea and hubby for their birthdays. It is one of my favorite family pictures of us (even though you can't see hubby or my face). I knew it had to go on the wall over the couch but it was too small to hang by itself, so I needed to come up with something to put with it.

Here is the wall with nothing on it. You can see the 2 windows to the right on the picture. See how off center the wall is??

I had always wanted a gallery wall in my home somewhere, but was never sure of the right place for one. I felt that this finally might be the perfect place for one. After googling gallery walls for inspiration, I knew that I wanted the canvas to be the main focal point of the wall. I searched my house for other things I could use, and luckily found everything I needed. This of course meant that I was going to make another wall bare for a brief moment, but that's OK it will get fixed soon too.

I arranged everything on the floor several times before I came up with the combination that I liked the most. All I had to do now was replicate it on the wall. Easier said than done! (It's not an easy task trying to hold an object, hammer, nail, and a level at the same time) I first started with the canvas and then moved out from there working on one side at a time. Once I was finished I was very pleased with the way the wall finally looked. Some things might not be there permanently, but for now they will be fine. How do you think it looks? Now I have to work on the wall that I took everything from!!


The left side of the wall. The white frame is from sweet peas room, and I just framed a piece of fabric that matched the fabric on the ottoman in the living room. The family picture is one of our first professional ones as a family, taken at Thanksgiving last year.

LOVE this picture so much! Taken by my friend Hannah.

Right side. The photo was taken on our honeymoon in Jamaica at Dunnes River Falls. I made the canvas with some burlap and my Fleur de lis stencil. Not sure like it that much.

Hope you have a blessed day!

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  1. miss you guys a whole lot:( especially you and emmiecakes!!!!!