Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet Pea's Zoo Adventure..

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have had a few warm days in the past couple of weeks, and that gave Emma and I the opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather. I decided that since we have had a zoo membership since last summer and had not used it once, this would be our chance to finally get to go for the very first time. It just so happened that aunt Sarah was able to get off work early this particular day and joined Emma and I for our adventure.

Another fun twist to the day, was that it just so happened to be St. Patrick's Day, so we were all decked out in our green duds to go see some animals! I have been to the zoo like a zillion times in my life, but this time was so much more exciting, because I was finally getting to go as a mom and share this experience with my little sweet pea.

Since the weather was a perfect 80 degrees, almost all of the animals were out, which rarely happens when you go in the blazing hot summer. We even got to see a giraffe enjoying a drink of water, which I can say I have never actually seen before. Since Emma is only 9 months I knew she wouldn't be into the animals too much, but I didn't think she would be more interested in the bamboo fences!! I thought for sure when we got to the elephants that she would perk up and pay attention, but NO, she was more content with playing with the fence. That's a baby for ya!! :)

Since the weather was so warm for this time of the year, some of the animals were trying their best to stay cool. The elephants were one of those, and so we stopped to watch as one elephant slung cool mud on it's back. Little did we know, that we were going to become a target for the mud. Luckily none hit Emma, and I managed to only get hit in the leg. Silly Elephants!

The rest of the day we got to enjoy some of the gorillas in gorilla forest, the HUGE Bengal tiger, the Seals in their brand new habitat (my favorite!), and much more. The good thing about our zoo is that you can walk it in about 2 hours, which is just enough time for a 9 month old, because by the time we got to the Wetlands, she was starting to fade. Sadly our first zoo adventure was coming to an end. Emma did not go home empty handed however, because Sarah being the generous aunt that she is, bought her a stuffed giraffe, that she absolutely LOVES!

Now that I am only working a few days a week, we will definitely be frequenting the zoo as much as possible. As a matter of fact we have already been a second time. Hopefully as my little sweet pea gets older she will be able to enjoy the animals more and more, but for now I guess the bamboo fences will have to do. :) Below are some pictures from our adventure.


Just arrived for our 1st Zoo Adventure!

Giraffe getting a drink of water.

Sleepy Lions.

This was the closest we could get to any gorilla because the zoo was so busy.
(yes I know it's a poster!)

At the seal/sea lion habitat.

Emma loves her aunt Sarah!

Posing on a warthog.

Mommy and Emma with her new giraffe!
See ya next time zoo!!

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