Sunday, November 20, 2011

Soggy Day At The Track

Today we invited hubby's boss, his wife and some other co-workers of ours to the track (Churchill Downs) for one of the last weekends of the Fall meet. Hubby and I try to always go at least once during the Spring and Fall meets. Growing up in Louisville, I have gone to the track since I was little, so it is nice to share this with my hubby, who did not grow up here, but still enjoys going as much if not even more than I do! It was not the prettiest of days outside, but we still made the best of it and had a good time.

The horses were very unpredictable today since the condition of the track was SLOPPY, so needless to say we didn't do too well in the betting department. Hubby and I lost every single race we bet on, which I don't think has ever happened before. Hubby did come real close to a couple trifecta's though.

I hate that the poor horsey's had to run in the rain and mud, but it didn't look like they minded too much. The horse ambulance did have to come out once today, which always scares me because if you have ever watched a race where the horse gets severely injured and it's life threatening you know they euthanize it right there on the track and it makes me so sad every time, but luckily they just loaded this one in the back, and I am hoping it was ok.

Tana and Emily both had winning tickets from the day, so we took a picture with them. I was holding one of Tana's winning tickets (she had 2).

(clockwise: Me, Emily, Tana)

The boys didn't fare so well for the day, but a good time was still had.

(left to right: Josh, Hubby, Bruce-hubs boss)

The track closes next weekend for the winter and will re-open a couple of weeks before Derby. We will definitely be going again as soon as it opens. Hopefully the weather was better in your neck of the woods today, but if not I hope you made the best of your Sunday.

I am starting a series for the first time on this little blog of mine tomorrow, so stay tuned and come back and see me. BYE!

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