Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Weekend - Part 1

I feel like I have been absent from this blog for a while, but we have had a lot going on around these parts lately.  I have also been having internet issues since we switched providers, which has been a pain in the butt.  Anyway, this past memorial weekend was a blast!  Now that kids are out of school and the weather has become quite warm, summer has officially begun and I am pumped!  Last week I finally broke down and bought sweet pea a little pool to play in in the backyard, because it was just too hot for her to play outside without it, and she loves the outdoors.  I am not gonna lie, I kinda love this pool too, because if we do not feel like actually going to the pool at my grandmothers, we can just pop out into the backyard and have just as much fun.  She took a couple of her bath toys out with her and had a ball.

My mom watches her on the weekends while I work, so we also took the pool over there so she could play in it while mom worked in her yard.  My nephew was there too and got to dip his little toes in.

When it was time to get out sweet pea used the pool water to help Nana water her flowers.  My mom is so resourceful, because I have just been dumping the whole pool over into the grass, whoops! :)

If you look close you can see a little while butterfly in the purple flowers and sweet pea was trying so bad to catch it.  It was so sweet!

On Sunday I co-hosted a bridal shower for one of the girls at work who is getting married this summer.  She will be moving to Virginia once she gets married, so the party was kinda bittersweet because she will be missed TONS!  We had a tea party themed soiree complete with real china and everyone wore their best hats.  I was so glad I had the chance to use my china because most of the time it just sits in the cabinet collecting dust.  It's also special to me because it was my mom's first set that she collected herself when she was a little younger than I am right now.

We dined on chocolate covered strawberries, cupcakes, and mini chicken salad sandwiches.  It was all delicious!

This is the lovely bride-to-be Jessica.  Isn't she gorgeous!?  I am going to miss her so much when she leaves, but I hope to stay in touch via facebook.

We played a couple games including the toilet paper wedding dress game, which was really fun.  Watch out Vera Wang!!

I got some really cute goodies at the Target dollar spot for the game prizes.  This is one of the treats I put together.  I just love those little buckets.  I bought like 4 of them for my potting bench outside.

I am so glad that we have opportunities like this to get together with one another outside of work.  This group of girls is amazing and I couldn't ask for better people to work with.

Well that is all for this post, but I will be back with what we did on actual Memorial Day.  See ya!

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