Thursday, August 25, 2011

DIY Monthly Photo Calendar

A long time ago when I was around 14 or 15 I helped one of my friends out with a babysitting gig. I remember walking down the hallway of the home and seeing these frames that had every month of the year on them, and the parents had put pictures of the kids from each month in them. I just loved the idea, and knew one day when I had children of my own I wanted to do the very same thing.

Last year after I had sweet pea I decided that it was time to try and replicate those frames, but in my own unique way. Since I frequented Hobby Lobby just as much before I had sweet pea that I do now, I remember seeing all different kinds of cute little wooden cut outs of animals, trees, etc.. I decided to get one for each month that went along with the season or particular holiday of that month.

My original plan was to buy 12 small frames and then glue the wooden cut outs to the frames. But I decided I would save money and just use what I already had at home. I had some ribbon left over from a lamp project for sweet peas room, so I decided to use that, glue some clothes pins to the cut outs and hang them from the ribbon.

Here is what the calendar looked like originally. (I got a little ahead of myself and almost forgot to take a picture before I took it down, so all the months are not here)

I still liked the concept but I started thinking of what I could do to make it more finished looking. During one of my "weekly" trips to Hobby Lobby I noticed some frames at 90% in the clearance aisle from the custom framing area. At first I didn't know what I could use one for, but then it dawned on me that I could use it to frame the wall calendar. So I snatched one up for only $15 marked down from $115, WOW!

Of course the color was not going to work in sweet peas room, so I got out my trusty can of spray paint and went to town.

This is a before picture of the frame

And here it is after I sprayed it

I was not able to reuse the ribbon that I had on the wall originally, so I purchased 3 yds of light pink grosgrain ribbon. I cut the ribbon into 3 strips measuring 1 yd a piece and then spaced them accordingly. I then turned the frame over pulled the ribbon taught on both sides and used my staple gun to attach the ribbon to the frame.

Here is a picture after I attached it

Once I attached all 3 pieces I was ready to hang it on the wall and hang my pictures up.

Here is the finished product hanging in sweet peas room. Isn't it cute!!

Here are some close ups of just a few of the clothes pins.

June is sweet peas birthday month obviously!

Mommy's little firecracker! :)

I have had a blast changing the pictures out and seeing how she grows and changes every month. Makes me kinda sad though to see how big she is getting. Well anyways, hope this project inspires you to make a little something cute for the special person in your life.
Until next time, BYE!
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  1. Amanda, I really like this project. Great use of a frame. BTW, Suzie picked up a staple gun at a yard sale recently.