Friday, August 12, 2011


This is my sister in law Leah (hubby's sister) and sweet pea when she was born. Leah is 31 years old, and has 2 handsome sons, Heath 8, and Caleb 4, and a wonderful husband Michael. In February of this year Leah was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. There is no history of breast cancer in hubby's family, so we were all very shocked to find out that Leah had been diagnosed.

Since she is so young, Leah and her Dr's decided that the best possible option for her would be to go ahead and have a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. It was a long (8 hrs) and hard surgery for Leah, but she came out of it like a champ, but this was only the beginning of her fight. After healing from her surgery, which took about 8 weeks, Leah had to have 6 rounds of chemo over a period of a few months.

Tuesday of this week marked the end of Leah's chemo treatments and I am happy to report that she is CANCER FREE. Thank you LORD!!! Loads of family and friends stopped by to see her while she was finishing her last treatment, and the Dr's and staff even threw her a mini party complete with confetti and bubbles!

Here is the HAPPY patient right after her last treatment. Doesn't she look beautiful??
Leah and I. I am so proud of her for winning this fight!

Unfortunately this was not the first time that one of my family members was affected by breast cancer. In 2008 my mom was diagnosed, and by the grace of GOD hers was caught early enough and she just had to complete radiation and take medication for 5 years. It was still a tough road to go down, but she only has 2 more years of medicine to complete, YEAH! Love you mom!!

I am so proud to call these 2 ladies and all the other ladies out there battling this ugly disease my HERO'S! This October will mark the 4th year that my family and myself will participate in the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure, and I am so excited that we have so much to celebrate.

Thank you to my LORD and SAVIOR for allowing Leah and my mom to live full and happy lives!! Until next time I will leave you with this picture of Leah having one of her chemo HOT flashes!!! :) (Sorry Leah, hope you aren't mad at me, love ya!!)

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