Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas In The House

I have finally gotten the house the way I want it and it is already almost time to take it all down. Oh well, at least I get to enjoy it for a little bit. I thought I would give you a little Christmas tour today. I won't talk your ear off today since there are so many pictures. We will start in the dining room.

Dining Room

This is the entrance to the dining room. Since we don't have a fireplace or mantel this is where I like to display our stockings.

When my dad was little he had a nanny named Claire. She was from England and was the sweetest lady you ever met. When my cousins and I were little she used to knit us all kinds of sweaters and things and one year she made us all stockings. I used it every year when I was little and my mom finally decided to give them to us last year. It is probably my favorite Christmas item of all.

Living Room

I made this pillow cover out of drop cloth material. It was a no sew project made with sewing glue and then I free handed the words with craft paint. I stuck the bow on with some sticky tape.

Last years' Santa pic. She did much better than she did this year.

I borrowed this snow village from my mom. It is the one she used to put up every year when we were little.

We gave her this house one year for her birthday and she painted it all by herself.

The bakery was also a gift her from my uncle (her brother), and he painted his as well. He is very artistic.

Sweet pea's Room

Last years Christmas picture.

The big bear was purchased at PB Kids this year and half of the proceeds from his purchase goes towards St. Jude's Hospital. I also bought one for my new nephew. I urge everyone to support this organization if you can.

The ornaments on her tree are actually a Nativity seen that my mom gave her last year. She bought it at church and it was hand crafted somewhere overseas. An organization was selling them as some sort of an exchange project. I can't remember the name of the organization right now.

I purchased this advent calendar in the dollar spot at Target this year. Every morning sweet pea and I move the candy cane to that days pouch. She loves it!

Master Bedroom

Didn't do much in here, just added a tree from Hob Lob and a few pine cones from the tree out front.


Tied some cookie cutters and candy canes to my trusty grapevine and made a baking themed wreath. Thought it seemed fitting for the kitchen.

Attached a teaspoon to the bow.

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas tour. I better go try and get some presents wrapped while sweet pea is napping. Until next time, BYE!

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