Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Wrap Up

These past 2 weeks have flown by and I can't believe that another Christmas has come and gone. There is always so much preparation and excitment leading up to the big day and then it's just over in a flash! To be honest I am kinda relieved and sad at the same time that it is over. Sad because I love spending so much time with my family and relieved because now my house is back in order and I can finally RELAX, which I have been doing a lot of since I am suffering from a severe head cold and bronchitis this week. (No bueno!)

Instead of sharing a bunch of individual posts I thought I would just give you one big run down of how my Christmas week played out.

Monday I got together with my best girlfriends for our Annual Christmas Poker Party where we drink a little wine, have some snacks, and play a fun silly little game of poker. It's funny because everyone is always so afraid to bet very much so the game always goes on forever and then eventually we all get bored and just cash in the chips we have left and call it a night. We are definitely NOT professionals!! It's just fun to get out of the house and have a little mommy time with some of my favorite people.

Wednesday Sweet pea and I went over to my mom's house where we had a cookie making party. We made 5 different kinds of cookies that day. Needless to say mom and I were pretty pooped when it was all said and done. I don't know how there are people out there that make like 20 different kinds of cookies every year. They must spread it out over a couple of days or something. Sweet pea had fun playing with the sugar cookie dough that we gave her, and I think she may have even snuck a few tastes in.

The highlight of the day though was watching her ice the cookie and then eat it. She was just picking it up and licking the icing off. It was too funny! She has unfortunately inherited her momma's sweet tooth. Whoops!

Friday sweet pea and I went to church with my mom and dad for the Christmas Eve Eve service. It was a really pretty service and I finally got to see the new sanctuary that the church built. Sweet pea was not amused at being dropped off at the children's center because when we got back to pick her up she was crying and they said she had been on and off during the entire service. I was glad that they didn't page me and I was able to enjoy myself.

Sweet pea with her Nana

I just love this little coat that my cousin gave us and I tried to get a decent picture of her in it, but she wasn't having it, so this will have to do.

Christmas Eve we went to my aunts house (my mom's sister) and my mom's whole side of the family came over for lunch. My aunt made 3 different kinds of soups and then we had a bunch of desserts. Sweet pea of course was showered with gifts which was so nice of everyone. She is blessed to have so many people in her life that love her so much! It was nice to see everyone because this was technically not the year that we have Christmas with them. (We switch years with my mom and dad's family)

We then went over to my mom and dad's and opened presents with them and my sister, her husband and nephew. Sweet pea again got way too much stuff, but was so excited about her baby doll that aunt Sarah got her. She immediately wanted to take it out of the package and then proceeded to use the box as a bed for the baby. It was hilarious! I got some Best Buy giftcards which I am super pumped about, because I am saving up to buy a new digital camera. Hopefully I will have enough to get it very soon. By the time we got to my sister in laws house on Christmas Eve we were all worn out so we went to bed so that Santa could come and visit.

LOVE my little family :)

Christmas morning we all woke up together and opened presents at my sister in laws. It was ridiculuos how many presents there were. We were some very blessed people that day, and everyone received some really nice things. Sweet pea loves the stroller that Santa brought and pushes everything around in it. This was also the year of books for her and she got some really nice ones to add to her bookshelf at home. I think we had almost read every single book in her room, so it was nice that she got some new ones.

My sister in law got her this Little People princess castle and she loves it. We left it at her house so she can play with it when she is over there. I just love this picture for some reason.

This is the aftermath of what my house looked like once we got home and took everything out of their boxes. I am still trying to find places for things.

Christmas seems to always get me in the organizing mood, so I think my New Year's Resolution will be to get my house more organized and keep it that way. I got a sewing machine from my hubby and I am super excited to start using it, so I forsee a lot of projects in 2012.

Well the Oklahoma game just started so I think I am gonna jump off here and watch a little bit with my hubby before I head to bed. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Years Eve, and I will see ya'll in 2012!!

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