Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eggcellent Color Choice

Last night hubby, sweet pea and I decided to dye some Easter eggs. This was the first time for sweet pea, and hubby and I hadn't done it in years, so it was a blast for all. Sweet pea is totally into coloring and painting right now, so I knew that she would LOVE this project! I didn't buy any of the crazy dye kits with the glitter and marble eggs, because I knew pea would be happy with anything I bought, so I just went with the basic kit. I love watching the tablets dissolve in the vinegar. Hubby did all the prep work before we let sweet pea loose.

The kit came with the little wax crayon so she colored a few, but didn't understand why it wasn't showing up. She then thought it was chalk and wanted to color on the chalkboard wall.

She got bored waiting for the eggs to soak in the color, so she colored with chalk while she waited. The chalkboard wall I painted a while back in the kitchen is her new favorite spot in the house.

Getting some help from daddy.

Once they were all dyed we decorated a few with some stickers and those little wrappers that come in the kit.

Here are the eggs in all their glory.

Aren't they pretty?! Hubby said when he was little they used to eat the eggs that they dyed for Easter breakfast, so I guess I know what we will be having on Sunday.

Do you all have any Easter traditions?? I love starting traditions with my own little family and hope when sweet pea gets older she will remember all those special things we did as a family. If I don't see you again before Sunday, I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter. Until next time, BYE!!

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