Sunday, October 16, 2011

20 Years with CFA

I am a wee bit late with getting this post written, but better late than never. This past Wednesday night, hubby and I got to celebrate his boss, Bruce, for his 20 year Anniversary with Chick-fil-A. Bruce started out his career in Fort Wayne, IN, but has been in Louisville for I think 18 years now (don't quote me on that). Hubby has been working for Bruce for 13 years now, and boy has he come a long way since started out when he was just a scrawny little 15 yr. old kid. One of the best parts of the night was that we got to dress up, which is something that I do not get the chance to do often. Don't we clean up nicely??

The anniversary event was a dinner cruise on a small yacht called the CQ Princess, named for the restaurant/bar that owns it, Captains Quarters. I had never been on a boat quite this nice before, so I was pretty excited.

The evening turned out to be beautiful and the sunset was just gorgeous! The restaurant happens to be on the Ohio River and while we were waiting to board the boat we got to watch some sailboats that are part of a boating club here in Louisville. Doesn't this picture make you want to go on vacation!!

I of course being the fatty that I am did not get any pictures inside the boat, but instead indulged myself in the delicious cuisine that was served during the night. I mean they had beef tenderloin and cocktail shrimp people, ya'll know I couldn't help myself! Once dinner was over we did get the chance to check out the upper deck. We happened to pass by the Belle of Louisville which was gorgeous all lit up at night. This boat races in the famous Steamboat Race that is held every year during the festivities leading up to the Derby.

We eventually made our way to downtown, which was the halfway point of our cruise, and then turned around and headed back towards the restaurant. I took this picture as we were heading into downtown. I just couldn't get over how pretty the sky was that night!

As we were headed back cake was served and then people were given the opportunity to say a few words about Bruce and the other operator that was also celebrating his 20th yr with CFA. Hubby and I later discussed how awesome it was that so many people had such wonderful things to say about Bruce and how neat it was that he influenced so many peoples lives without even knowing it. He will truly never know what a huge impact he has made on my husbands life and what he has done for our family. There are no words to describe the generosity and guidance that he has given to us. I truly believe that GOD placed Bruce in our lives for a reason and for that I am forever thankful.

All in all the night was a blast and I got to catch up with a good friend that is expecting triplets. (I know whoa!) Hubby and I were so glad to be a part of something so wonderful, and we wish Bruce 20 more years of success!

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