Monday, October 10, 2011

Busy Weekend #2

*Warning: This post is long and contains a lot of pictures :)

This past weekend my family and I were some busy little bees. Sweet pea and I kicked off the weekend Friday by going to Huber's farm in IN with my mom and sister. It has been a tradition of our family for years to go to Huber's and pick pumpkins in the fall. Now that I am a mom, I am so excited to be able to continue this tradition with my own family.

We have now come to the point in sweet peas life where she has become more independent, and no longer does what you want her to do. It has to be her way or the highway, so it was really hard to keep her in the stroller with all the fun things there is to do there.

We feed the ducks for a bit and then grabbed some lunch at the Winery. Afterwards we visited the cute little ice cream shop where they also sell homemade cheeses, YUM! Then we made a stop at the country store where they sell the most amazing homemade breads and to die for candy apples! Here is my loot plus some of moms.

All in all it was a wonderful day spent with my 3 favorite girls, and I am hoping that sweet pea and I may get to go back with hubby another weekend, but we shall see.

Saturday morning was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Louisville, and my family and I have participated ever since my mom was diagnosed (She is a 4 year survivor). This year we had another reason to celebrate because it was my sister in laws first walk as a breast cancer survivor. At the beginning of this year she was diagnosed and has since completed reconstructive surgery and 6 rounds of chemo.

Sweet pea and I made it down to the race but could never find anywhere to park, so we sadly were unable to participate this year and I was very disappointed. I really felt like I let my sister in law down, but am definitely going to make it up to her next year. Here is the team shirt that everybody wore that day. Our team name was "Rowdy Dowdy" since all her friends call her Rowdy and her last name is Dowdy.

I loved the back of the shirt, it just sums it all up! Hopefully everyone out there is doing their part in the fight against breast cancer since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Saturday afternoon was the day that my husband looks forward to every year, the much anticipated rivalry game of the year, the Oklahoma Sooners vs. Texas Longhorns. Here is sweet pea getting ready to cheer on the Sooners!

We host a party every year, and this year was even more fun because Oklahoma beat the pants off of Texas. (Boomer Sooner!) I did a little DIY decorating this year for the party. Here is my burlap bunting, hanging over the poster of the stadium that my parents gave to hubby a few years ago.

I also made this cute little wreath for the back door. This kind of decorating hubby actually enjoys.
We always have a different type of fair food at the party, since the game takes place during the Texas State Fair, so this year we had a nacho bar, and there wasn't a bit leftover, so I think it's safe to say that it was a hit.

Sunday afternoon hubby got to do something that I don't think he could have ever dreamed that he would do in his lifetime, and that was race an actual NASCAR. He completed the Racing Experience with his boss at Kentucky Motor Speedway. Doesn't he look handsome in this pic!

He said that there was no speedometer in the car so he was unsure of how fast he was actual going, but if I had to guess I would say he got up to at least 140 mph. He looked like a natural out there, but told me later that he was pretty nervous. I think I was as nervous and excited just watching him.

As I stated earlier sweet pea no longer likes to be in her stroller, so when she had to get back in while hubby was racing so I could take pics and video she cried almost the whole time. At one point one of the workers tried to come over and pre-occupy her so she would calm down. She liked playing with daddy's helmet sort of.

I am very proud of my hubby for his accomplishment, and he told me on the drive home that he would like to do it again in a heartbeat. (Great, does that mean I have a speed demon on my hands!!)

Thank you so much to Bruce and Tana for allowing hubby this opportunity. We are so very grateful for everything that you all do for us!

Even though this weekend was so jam packed, I still enjoyed every minute of it, and LOVE all the memories that we are making as a family. It makes me feel so truly blessed as a wife, mother and friend. Here's hoping that your weekend was just as special as mine!

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