Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover

I have been working on my bedroom makeover off and on for about 8 months now, but in the past couple weeks I have really been focused on finishing. I never realized how hard it was to find specific items within a specific price range. I feel like every time I saw something I liked it was either too expensive or I didn't have any money to spend at that time on home decor. I still have a few things that I would like to get for the room, but it is about 90% finished, so I thought I would go ahead and share the transformation.

I of course didn't take any pics of what the room looked like right before I recently started changing things, so all I have are pics from when we first moved into our home 3 1/2 years ago. I am kind of embarrassed to show you these pics because my decorating style has come a LONG way since then, but it will give you a better idea of a before and after.


Terrible isn't it?? Hopefully you will enjoy the after much better.


So what do you think?? I happen to LOVE my bedroom now, and can't wait to get it 100% complete! I am still looking for a round pedestal table to replace the current nightstand. I would like to find one that is in not so great condition because I want to paint it a pale blue color to match the blue in the bedspread. I am also needing some storage baskets for the closet and a new hamper, because the one I am currently using used to be my parents and they had it when I was little, so it is pretty much falling apart. I just haven't seemed to come across one that I really love.

Here are some details on the room:

Bedspread and accents pillows- TJ Maxx last year
Lamp- Hobby Lobby
Frame and "G"-Hobby Lobby (spray painted white by me)
Botanical prints- free printable found here
Jewelry Box- JC Penney (gift from hubby and painted white by me)
Dresser-hubby's that I painted and distressed
Wall Art- Canvas covered with fabric
Shutters- re-purposed from mom and dad's house
Ball Jar candle holder-made by me
Fleur de lis hooks- Hobby Lobby
Bird Dish- purchased at a local consignment shop and painted by me (inspired by this at PB)
Framed Picture- wedding gift (watercolor painting of our wedding venue on our wedding invitation)

If you have questions about anything else I didn't mention or you would like to know further info. about something I did mention, just shoot me a message and let me know. Thanks for stopping by and touring my bedroom. Until next time, BYE!!

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  1. Hi! I'm visiting from Savvy Southern Style. I think your bedroom redo is beautiful. I am wondering - isn't it difficult to make your bed every day when it is so close to the wall? Another thought that occurred to me when I was looking at your photographs is whether you could move the of head the bed over to the next wall where the "other window" (the one on the right) is? You could leave the beautiful dresser on the same wall, but perhaps scootch it over closer to where I assume your entry door is???

    I love your details/accessories, I find them so perfect for the space and the mood of the room, even though I do not know you! Now that's good decorating! Personally, I don't see that you need to add another single thing except window coverings of some kind. I'm not a fan of just blinds on a window. My own personal preference would be to hang extra-long semi-sheers (so you still get the lovely filtered light shining through) from rods near the ceiling; you could add tie-backs to hook the semi-sheers back during the day and let them close at night for a luxurious look. One of my best ever "curtain" purchases was from J.C. Penney's years ago, some "seeded batiste" semi-sheers that have been through a multitude of washings over the past 21 years, and still hang in my bedrooms today!

    I love your bedding -- looks beautifully lucious!

    Good luck, I will visit again to see how you wrap things up!

  2. I love all your frames and how you used them differently!!! Thank you for leaving me a comment, I am so glad I found your blog! I will follow on my way out!